Protect and grow your wealth with advice from Kiwi Advisers.

How can we help you?


The best way to start protecting and growing your future wealth is with a plan from Kiwi Advisers. 

Whether you’re self-employed or you have a busy growing family, there’s always pressure to get your finances sorted. However, putting together your own financial plan isn’t easy – there is a lot to consider that isn’t always obvious. That’s why advice from a professional is important.

At Kiwi Advisers, we’ll work with you to understand your situation and get all the information we need out on the table. Then we’ll create a plan to meet your goals that also meets your budget, and get the solution implemented with a minimum of fuss.

Talk to us today about how we can help you protect and grow your future wealth.

Have a family?

We help families protect and grow their future wealth by developing cost effective financial plans. We’re there for the long run to help achieve your goals.

Need a mortgage?

We’ll walk you through the maze of options availalbe to you, work out how much you can borrow, and get the loan preapproved by the bank.

Self Employed?

We help contractors and small business owners save money on their ACC bill, and ensure their income is actually covered if they’re unable to work.